Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter

Last night we had another hard night with Bryson. He was having some really bad thoughts about something bad happening to his mom and was just having a really hard night. He said the most sincere prayer I have ever heard and it brought Alan and I to tears. Unfortunately we did not get to bed till way later than we anticipated so waking up this morning was a struggle. 

With it being Easter Sunday we planted some magic jelly beans last night and Bryson got to wake up and see what sprouted.

Photo: Bryson's magic Easter beans have sprouted!

He was pretty excited. He actually woke up in a good mood considering but it was hard for me to function. Church was lovely and my kids were particularly fun today with it being a holiday. I am going to miss primary if they ever decide to release me which I hope they never do! I love it so much. 

After church it was such a nice day we couldn't pass up going on a walk and we needed to keep Bryson awake so we let him ride his bike and walked the dogs over to the park. The whole venture took about an hour till the dogs and I were too tired. When we got home we gave em some water took them to the bathroom and headed to Alans parents house. 

Photo: Coloring Easter eggs

When we got there the kids decorated Easter eggs and we played outside. I was exhausted by the time dinner rolled around and starving. After dinner we had an Easter egg hunt and then played a game called hedbanz which was super fun until Bryson fell asleep on the table. We decided to take the poor guy home. 

Photo: After the hunt...he was proud!

When we got back to our place my mom and brother were here so we visited with them for a bit and by the time we got the dogs they had both peed in their kennels. That is the first time they have ever done that so I guess we learned our lesson about loaded them up with water before departing. Poor guys. 

Now it is time to lay down and relax and get some sleep because tomorrow we have a LOT to get done. 

So heres to Easter Sunday, to fun family activites, to being young with our nieces and nephews, to a sunny Sabbath, to spontaneous walks in beautiful weather and to the Saviors atoning sacrifice. Thankful for today.     

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Homework Overload

I don't understand my professors logic in the decision to double up work the last few weeks of the semester. Seems really backward. I spent all day doing homework. I was planning on taking a break and meeting up with my siblings and friends for the festival of colors but Alan was gone most of the afternoon. By the time he got home it was too late. 

And I got an early birthday present that I am sooooo excited about. My husband definitely spoiled me this year. LOOK!

It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I got a huge bundle with a tripod, another lens, screen protectors, cleaning kit, cords, extra battery, bag and lots more. I am soooo lucky. I have been dying to get a camera but then we kept getting different things so this was awesome and an early birthday surprise. 

On top of the camera the Blacks bought us Cafe Rio for us and brought it over for dinner. We are seriously so loved and it was so thoughtful. We owe them big time. I finally finished my psychology homework and I am exhausted. I was hoping to get the chairs put down in my office and we have the wrong seat covers! GAH! Can't catch a break there so I am trying to decide what to do. I am thinking about getting this chair:


Any thoughts? Bryson is here and went to the festival of colors so he was covered in chalk and I somehow managed to get most of it off of him the bath. Now its time to take a break play with my camera and get ready for tomorrow.

So heres to finishing my homework, to thoughtful neighbors and caring friends, to yummy cafe rio, to an amazing early birthday present and to time with my nephew and to hopefully finalizing my office. Thankful for today. 

In Loving Memory of Brady Tyler Lish

I do not think I slept a wink last night. I felt sick to my stomach. I didn't want to have to see Brady like that I wanted to remember him alive and happy. I knew if I didn't go I would regret it. I got to have a few lovely conversations with my brother Taylor, my sister Brittany and Becky and we were all hurting but we got to talk about how much we loved Brady and wanted to honor him. 

This morning it took every ounce of strength I had to get out of the car and walk into the church. Instantly I was overwhelmed. I haven't seen my dad since my grandmas funeral and it wasn't the most pleasant encounter. Brady is an angel. I feel like he made a sacrifice to piece our broken family back together because there were a lot of severed ties and they all came together today. My dad even pulled me aside and hugged me and told me he loved me. I haven't heard that in 5 years. Brady was there. 

When I saw him I was overwhelmed and my heart was shattered and I sobbed but throughout the ceremony I felt his arms around me and was comforted. I feel that him leaving this life was a tender mercy and that in his death he got what he wanted most of all and that was to bring the family together. It was such a beautiful service and there was so many people that loved Brady so much there so pay their respects. 

I just have so much I want to say to him. After the funeral I felt at peace but still feel an empty piece in my heart. I miss him so much. I was trying to replay the last things that we said to each other and our last moments together and was trying to make sure that he knew that I loved him so much. I was able to read through some text messages we exchanged and found such a comfort in them. I love Brady with all my heart. I will never stop loving him or missing him and will always remember him. I want to do right by him and make sure that I am being the best that I can be everyday to make him proud. I know he is watching over us and feel his spirit with me. I love you Brady and can't wait to see you again someday. 

Photo: Beautiful service today and felt Brady spirit with us. Lots of tears shed as I will miss my little brother so much but thankful he is at peace. Love you!

Photo: Our memories with Brady Lish

So heres to a day that turned hurt to healing, to Brady finally being at peace and happy, to a brother and a best friend, to a man with the kindest heart and to my guardian angel. Thankful for Brady.   

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Strong enough for school

Tomorrow is the funeral and I in no way feel prepared. I knew that I needed to start trying to move forward and going to school would be the first step. Luckily I have a sweet friend in my first 2 classes that just brightens up my day. She is so incredibly thoughtful and brought me flowers and is just so compassionate. I love her too death. She understood what I needed without me telling her and she helped me through the first part of the day. 

When I went to my 3rd class things got harder. I had a break and I started to dwell on what I would feel like tomorrow and if I would I would have the strength I needed to honor him. I felt myself breaking down and left class early. I came home and the house was empty which gave me a chance to grieve. I justified it by feeling its what I needed to get it out of my system so I can stand in front of everyone tomorrow and smile and share all of my wonderful memories. 

The truth is I don't know if I can make it through tomorrow. If I see him lying there lifeless I don't know if I can live through that. How am I supposed to act like everything is ok? This has tested my faith and I don't know if I have the strength I need to do right by him tomorrow. Once I finally calmed down enough to realize I needed to get over it because its not about me its about him I broke down again in my closet. I want to make sure that I wear the perfect outfit to honor him. What would he like? What shows him I love him and am proud of him and will miss him? Right now I am mourning him. I want him back. I am praying for the strength I need to make it through tomorrow and honor Brady the way he deserves. 

So heres to good friends and to Brady continually being there for me when I need him. Thankful for today.   

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Facial with my friend

I have been feeling sorry for myself long enough. I know Brady would be kicking me in the butt for being such a cry baby. Today I just wanted to be with friends. DeeAnn was nice enough to let me come over and we just talked and played with makeup and did facials. We got to talk about Brady and all of his amazing qualities. I got to confess some of my fears in what I might feel on Friday and she just listened. 

Her words were so sincere and just what I needed to have the strength to keep moving forward. I know Brady would want us all happy. Today for the first time I am starting to feel a sense of comfort that he is happier where we he is. I am being selfish wanting him here. He is in a better place. 

I had a meeting in Sandy which I felt would help distract me from my anguish but it was all a blur. Luckily I had Alan there with me to help me through the hurt and carry me when I couldn't stand on my own. 

I miss Brady so much but I need to be strong. He knows I love him and I always will. I need to start living so that he can be proud of me and I can feel him with me. 

So heres to a friend being a friend, to feel better facials, to making Brady proud and to start living for BRADY. Thankful for today.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Only Brady can still be giving to others after death. In his death he has brought me great friends that love and support me. I have felt the love from so many in the last few days that it is the only thing carrying me through. I know Brady would want me happy. I am so thankful that I was able to spend some time with him in Washington when we were both out there and that I made sure to tell him that he was loved and how much I cared for him and constantly thought of him and wanted him to be happy. That gives me a sense of comfort. 

I tried my best to focus on trying to move forward for Brady. I started small just by getting in the shower and making myself presentable. I tried to turn my attention to my work and thought I could get lost in it but it just feels wrong. I feel like I do not have a right to try and be happy. This hurts. Its going to hurt for a long time. When is it the right time to start taking steps forward. I know Brady would not want any of us to be sad for him. I feel that he is in a better a place but its still so hard to be left behind. 

I tried to distract myself with work and putting up a website but it didnt last long. The sorrow sank in again. I miss my little brother. I want to be able to pick up the phone and call him. The funeral is now scheduled for Friday and I am freaking out. I can't see him that will make all of this final. 

I have 3 days to pull myself together and be able to be strong for him. He deserves that. I have to be strong for Brady. 

So heres to showering being a success, to attempting to move forward, to trying to pull myself together and to putting Brady first. Thankful for the love and prayers of others for me and my family.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Meltdown Monday

The past couple of days have been an absolute blur. I still can't believe that Brady is gone. All day today I have been so angry and then the anger has turned to sadness. I feel so sad for him that he never really knew happiness. That he was always putting others before himself but no one was doing the same for him. That he wasn't treated the way he deserved and that his life ended and that he was alone. 

All day my grief overwhelmed me. I haven't showered since Saturday. Not even sure if I have brushed my teeth I know I haven't brushed my hair. I am lucky I am able to drag myself out of bed long enough to use the restroom. That is an accomplishment. I needed a distraction and knew I could count on my girls to give me that. 

Kayli is the only one that showed up. I am glad though because it gave me the opportunity to be weak and fully express what I was feeling to someone. Kayli has such a way with words. It feels so inspired and she knows exactly what to say to help me find strength. My sadness has turned to an overwhelming amount of guilt. I feel responsible somehow for Bradys death and feel that I could have done something more to prevent it. 

I am so grateful that I had Kayli tonight because I was able to raw and real. I was able to express things I can't write here or share with many. I am hurting and thats ok. I need to hurt. 

So heres to giving in to grief, to being unsanitary and nearly insane, to Kaylis kind words and comfort and to hurt helping me heal. Trying to be thankful for today but for now just thankful for Kayli.   

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The day after

I did not sleep last night. I kept denying that Brady had died. I kept telling myself that there was no way. I didn't want to go to church I didn't want to do anything. I knew that church was probably the best think for me and that a distraction would make the denial easier. In church I was numb. I don't even remember doing the primary lesson so I know HF must have been holding me up and helping me through that. When I got home I didn't want to be there I didn't want to time to think. I made Alan take me out and get my mind off things until we went to dinner so I would have another distraction. 

I felt like being with family would make it easier but it didn't. I just wanted Brady. I hated having to hold back my emotions and choke back tears. I hated everyone thinking I was ok when I was breaking down inside. I hated people asking me if I was ok because I wanted to scream at them and ask them if they were retarded. NO IM NOT! I just lost my brother and my friend. I am not ok. 

My denial is turning to anger and I just feel mad. Why him? Why Brady? He had such a pure heart but his life was so hard and his day to day so difficult. His little girl was just born a couple months ago and he was so proud and happy to be a father. Why now?? I don't understand. I am broken. 

So heres to people caring despite my anger, to HF stepping in when I do not have the strength and to hopefully being able to get through this. Still trying to be thankful for today.   

Saturday, March 23, 2013


This morning my day started off exhausting. I went to a math review and couldn't concentrate. After the 3 hour review I felt hopeless and went straight to the BYU testing center and stared blankly at my test. I failed needless to say. Something was off. I was supposed to go to lunch with Brittany and she had to cancel and things just weren't really going my way. 

When Alan got home from meeting with our tax consultant we took the Camry over to my moms and that is when I got the call that crushed me. 

Words cannot describe how I felt. I didn't recognize the number but had a bad feeling. It ended up being my step mom Becky and she just left a short simple message saying she had some news and to call her back. My heart sank but nothing could have prepared me for what she was going to say. My brother Brady died

I immediately fell to the floor. I could not breathe. Luckily I was at my moms since Alan was playing virtual golf and if I was alone I don't know if I would have remembered to breathe. I was in shock. The tears were flowing out and I was gasping for air. I wanted to die. Brady was gone. 

My mom held me for a while until I was able to get off the floor and walk and I called Alan. We had Bryson for the night and since I had the car I figured I was going to have to pick up Alan. When I called him he didn't know what to do but said he would get a ride home. I should not have driven looking back now but I was in shock. I couldn't hardly breathe I kept hyperventalating and when I got home I just went into shock. I started denying it. Pretending it was some cruel joke. Why Brady? He is too good too pure. He can not be gone. Not my sweet little brother! I just saw him so alive. 

I was just saying Wednesday I can't lose anyone else...I can't lose Brady. 

So heres to a reminder that life is full of surprising and to take advantage of every minute because you don't know when it will be your last. Trying to be thankful for today.     

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tucanos and Target

Since I signed yesterday I went and opened up my new business bank account to keep my business finances seperate and that made me feel professional and mature. It was so fun. I ran lots of errands and started deciding what I wanted to do to get things rolling and my mind was just going a million miles a minute. I swear I havent slept in over a week I have been so excited and full of ideas. 

I decided to focus on making an office and a space for my inventory and chose to use a little room downstairs that we did up for our nieces and nephews but no one ever uses it. It will be perfect because it is down in the basement and that is where I get to host lots of fun parties! I decided last minute that I wanted to do an Ikea run so Dee and I made plans to run over there after dinner. 

We went out to Tucanos for Saras and my mother in laws birthdays. It was delicious as always and lots of fun to get together with them. After dinner we rushed off to Dee and Drews and I dumped Alan off and we headed to Ikea. We didnt have lots of time to look around so we just rushed through and looked at what we could to gather some ideas. Now my brain is overflowing with ideas and I can't decide which one? Red lip couch or go with a soft pink and grey decor and maybe just do a small pink lip pillow? I DONT KNOW!! Gah. 

When we were done at Ikea we still wanted to shop so we ran over to Target and instantly reverted back to our old shopping adventures...russian accents and all. We got a lot of weird looks but it didnt matter because we had a blast. My husband may kill me though because somehow I ended up buying a jacket, shoes and a tshirt (which I should go put on because I have a confession to make I just got out of the shower and have been typing all of this in the buff). I will try and break it to him softly tomorrow. For now its time for bed since I have a math review in the morning. BLUCK!

So heres to business bank accounts, to tasty Tucano birthday dinners, to time with family, to Ikea, to a long overdue shopping adventure with Dee and to secret shopping. Thankful for today.   

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I own my own business!!

So after my breakdown last night I wanted to go home and breathe and regroup. I said a sincere prayer for comfort that I was making the right decision and this morning I SIGNED! You are looking at (or reading about) the newest Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I am extremely excited and nervous about this new venture. I have high hopes that it will be able to provide me with the things I am looking for and that I will have the opportunity to meet people and cultivate relationships with people I wouldn't have otherwise. That is so exciting to me! 

I am sort of a weirdo and I tell me husband all the time "sometimes I see a girl that looks so sweet and I want to walk up to her and ask her if we can be friends" but that would be weird! I think Mary Kay gives me an excuse because I can make her feel beautiful and then maybe she will want to be my friend! A girl can dream right? I just know this is what I am supposed to be doing I feel like Mary Kay found me when it needed to and I am excited to be my own boss and run my own business. Its nerve racking though. 

I am so thankful that I have friends and family and most importantly a spouse that all love and support me in my endeavors. They give me the strength and encouragement I need to accomplish hard things. Looking forward to what the future holds in store for me! 

So heres to starting my own business, to meeting new people, to overcoming obstacles, to the loved ones that support me and to my future. Thankful for today.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mary Kay

So some of you are probably wondering why I decided to do Mary Kay and that it probably came out of left field. Well all of you that think that are totally right! I have been around Mary Kay forever with my mom doing it all growing up and many of my family and friends involved with it but it was never really "for me"...or so I thought. 

These last few months had been a struggle for me. I felt like my job at Pinnacle made me important. That I contributed to the company and that I had a purpose. Leaving Pinnacle was really scary for me. I felt like people knew who I was and my work ethic and VALUED me and my talents. When I went to work for True it was something I felt I needed to do in order to be with my husband and they were going to match my pay and give me a new challenge and I was going to get the opportunity to work from home. I felt like working from home was almost a promotion even though my pay was the same. 

When we got to Seattle it was nice to be at home and be able to have my nephew with me and to have that freedom. I do feel like I started to let myself go. When I was at Pinnacle I would dress very professionally (maybe a little overboard) but it made me feel good about myself and feel important. When I was working from home my husband was lucky if I put on mascara or got dressed. It also made me very lazy as far as taking care of myself physically because I would work in my pjs and then get off work and just watch tv and didnt want to go out. 

When I lost my job in December it just made things worse. I felt worthless and like I had no purpose. I wanted to be a contributor and felt I wasn't contributing or doing anything that made me feel good. I decided to go back to school during the summer so when I lost my job my school schedule would only work with an at home job. I looked for the last few months but nothing was working or fit. Alan ended up deciding that he was going to take a job that was going to force us to live apart for several months if I wanted to finish school. Shortly after my friend Kayli decided she was going to move back to Texas and I had already lost so many friends last year that it was too much. I started crumbling and felt like I was losing everyone. 

Well unfortunately when I went to this Mary Kay meeting my fear of abandonment was boiling up and I lost it in front of women I had never met. Luckily I had Kayli there with me and she was able to help me pull it back together and look at the opportunity for what it was. I am going to be a Mary Kay consultant because it offers me everything I have been looking for: friends, challenge, fun, freedom and confidence. I am excited to get started!

So heres to embracing my fears, to overcoming my obstacles, to starting something new and to great friends giving me the strength I need to push forward. Thankful for today.    
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