Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lived through the lesson

This morning I had to go in for my annual exam and it just added to my anxiety I was already experiencing. Shalee (my partner in the lesson) and I still had a lot of coordinating and planning to do but I was stuck in a doctors office. Obviously it wasn't the ideal situation to get a Pap smear and then go teach cute elementary school students a lesson but that's what I did. I am happy to say we lived through the lesson and honestly feel like we did a great job. The kids loved it.

After that was over I was exhausted. I wanted the day to be over and to go back to sleep but it was just beginning. School was a blur and after class Alan had his buddy Rick over to watch the BYU game so after a slice of pizza I slipped into my room. Winding down to a Vampire Diaries marathon was just what I needed at the end of a long day. 

Now it time for me to sleep I have a lunch date with my friend Ashley tomorrow and I haven't seen her in forever I am so excited! 

So here's to a fun dance lesson that I am happy to be finished with, to getting my annual out of the way, to not passing out when giving blood, to not falling asleep in class and to reuniting with my vamps,werewolves and witches. Thankful for today.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wreck it Ralph

I am so happy I got to see my dear sweet Allison and she fixed up my lashes nice and pretty. They were looking pretty beat up after the cruise. That girl works magic and performs miracles I swear! After my lashes I went and met up with Alan for lunch and got his phone looked at. Turns out all iPhones make a little noise when it shakes. 

We got to go on a family outing to Wreck it Ralph. It was such a great movie and so nice to hang out with the gang. After the movie it was back to business and I worked on my dance lesson all night. Poor Alan had to be my guinea pig but hopefully he had some fun and the 3rd and 4th graders will have a blast tomorrow. I should probably do a few more run throughs and call it a night.

So here's to luscious lashes, to lunch dates with my studly man, to family outings, to Wreck it Raplh and to hopefully living through tomorrow. Thankful for today.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back to school

It took every ounce of self discipline to drag my butt out of bed and to school. I got to watch some of my classmates do a couple of dance lessons at Suncrest Elementary. It made me a million times more nervous and is probably all I will think about till Thursday at 1:35 when it's over! 

I had a midterm in my second class and I luckily did pretty well and thankfully I got out early and was able to grab lunch since I hadn't had any time to eat. The rest of school dragged on as expected and I have a protest and midterm for math that is really stressing me out this week is going to be insane!!

Now it's time to try and relax since I have so much to get done and tomorrow will be busy.

So here's to back to school, to the strength to survive this crazy week, to fun dance lessons, to overcoming nerves and to getting stuff done. Thankful for today.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to back Bach

Today I got to catch up on the episodes of Bachelor I missed while on the cruise. That means I got to watch 5 hours of Sean. I admit that before the season started I thought it was going to be really boring and that he was fun to look at but dull. I really like him though and he has provided hours of entertainment. 

This afternoon Alan and I went and had a little early dinner date and it was fun to just get out and do something fun now that the storm has passed. I am going to miss him so much when he leaves. :(

Outside of that I just caught up on some assignments I missed while I was gone and waited anxiously for the girls to get here and to watch the Bach. It was so nice to see the girls again and tonight Carter and Alan joined us for a bit. As always Kailee provided a lot of entertainment intermediately. Rick also stopped by for a little and it was nice to catch up with him. 

Its just so good to be home although I am dreading school tomorrow. I dont know if I am quite ready to get back into the swing of things. 

So heres to back to back bachelor, to a early dinner date with my dude, to girls night and to getting motivated. Thankful for today.   

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Funday

Last night was pretty miserable. We didn't get home still after midnight and when we did Bryson woke up. I read him a bed time story and got him and the dogs settled and we tried to go to bed. Unfortunately Bryson kept having bad nightmares and then he had an accident so we got him changed and back in bed. Shortly after Mayhem had an accident and we had to strip the entire bed and put the blankets in the laundry. We didn't get to sleep until 4 am and I had to be up at 8 to get ready and the dogs squared away before church. 

We managed to get out the door and made it on time for sacrament and I am so glad we did. I got to hear exactly what I needed. This week was the first week every single one of our kids in our class was there so we had 11 restless little ones and they were having a hard time today sitting still. I bribed them with a song and dance if they could be reverent and participate and they did such a good job. I really feel so blessed to have such an amazing calling and get to hang out with a bunch of darling 4 and 5 year-olds. 

After church we should have just taken a nap but instead I gave Bryson a bath and then we decided to take the dogs to the park to let them run off some of the weight they gained this last week with Lin watching him. Clearly they were spoiled...about 3 lbs of spoiling each. It was incredibly cold and windy so after an hour we were all ready to head back home. When we got back home and settled it was already time for us to head to Nana and Papas for dinner. 

It was really nice to see Alans family again after no seeing them for a few weeks but we were so tired I don't think we were really the life of the party. Bryson had a blast though. After we left he passed out before we were even a mile from their house. 

After dropping him off we stopped by my moms and Alan hung out with my brother for a little and I watched some cooking shows with my mom. I can see why she is so addicted to them. We didn't get home till midnight and then cuddled up and turned on a show. Now its time for bed. 

So heres to making it to sacrament, to the most precious group of primary kids, to playing at the park, to dinner with the in laws and hanging with my mom. Thankful for today.     

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Home Sweet Home

As much as we dreaded our vacation coming to an end we were excited to get home to our pumps but we weren't looking forward to the long day of traveling we had ahead of us. They started disembarking way early this morning at 6:30 so we stayed after our group was called to at least shower and eat a little something. We knew we had to wait for our bus until at least 9:30 so we weren't in any kind of rush. 

After breakfast we finally headed downstairs to get off the boat and we got through customs really quickly and managed to find some other people from our group to wait for the bus. During the bus ride I got back to my Vampire Diaries episodes and that continued as we got to the airport as we waited for just over 4 hours before our flight left. 

The flights were much more bearable due to my cold finally letting up but I was so ready to just be home. Our flight was really choppy because of all the storms and coming back to a bad snowstorm wasn't very fun. We barely made it home! 

Now its way past our bedtime and we need to be up early for church tomorrow. We HAVE to make it sacrament tomorrow its been too long with all these vacations and oversleeping. 

So heres to reuniting with my vampires, to surviving the turbulance, to living through the drive home in a snowstorm and to our bed that I can't wait to climb in. Thankful for today. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sun and Slides

After sleeping in way later then we should have we decided to take advantage of our last day of vacation. Despite the crazy wind it was still sunny and pretty warm so we decided to brave the waterslides. We had a blast! We did get some weird looks from some of the kiddos but we didn't care it was so much fun. We got a free fruity drink and got to sip it by the pool while watching all the entertainment including ice sculpting, synchronized swimming and even a flash mob. We even played a game of ping pong. 

We only went inside when it was time for a dance performance put on by the kids on the boat and it was quite possibly the most adorable thing I have ever seen. After the show we decided to try our luck on watching the sunset and we got to see a pretty decent one. I have a picture but its on Alans phone so I will have to download that soon. 

After the sunset we got ready for our last dinner and it was so sad saying goodbye. After the show we went and watched Forest Gump on the big screen movie on the upper deck. We ended up getting service so I got to check on the dogs and the house and reassured that everything was ok back home. Then it hit us...our vacation is almost over. We decided to try and take advantage of every last minute we have tonight to have a good time before we go home tomorrow. We are not excited.

So heres to being big kids and braving the water slides, to having too much fun at sea, to a darling dance performance, to an outdoor movie and to the end of an amazing vacation with my best friend. Thankful for today.   

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Costa Maya

We didn't get lucky this morning with someone not showing up for the excursion probably because it was an incredibly beautiful day. It was extremely windy but it was gorgeous. Since we decided to try our luck with the mini boats we missed the opportunity to do any of the other excursions since most left at 7 or 8 and the mini boat was at 9:30. We took our time and ate some breakfast and then got off the boat to go and explore Costa Maya. 

It was gorgeous but there wasn't a lot to really see. We ended up going over to a pool that was touching the beach and right next to the dolphin excursion so we got to enjoy the sandy beach, the pool and watch the dolphins do some tricks. We stayed out by the pool soaking in the sun until it started to rain and it was almost time to leave anyway so we headed back to the boat. 

We had a party for being a gold member on Carnival and got to go and enjoy some really good appetizers and free drinks and since we were probably one of the only people in the room that didn't drink alcohol besides some of the kids that came we drank the punch they were giving them. I have no clue what the punch was but it was good. 

After the party we decided to try and watch the sunset and waited for a couple hours and it was extremely windy. The cloud cover ended up being too bad so by the time the sun was setting we couldn't see it but it was still fun to sip hot cocoa. We went back the room to get ready for dinner since it was our second formal night and dinner was excellent. We made friends with the table next to us and chatted away with them forever until it was time to go and watch the show. It didn't disappoint as always. Tomorrow is a day at sea so I just pray that I don't get sea sick. 

So heres to a surprisingly fun time in town, to a delicious party, to a not so sunny sunset while nearly being blown away and to new friends. Thankful for today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Oh how I love Honduras. We woke up early to get off the boat to soak up the sun and enjoy all that Mohagany Bay and Roatan had to offer. Unfortunately the weather had other plans. It was POURING rain when we woke up so we decided to wait it out for a bit. Went back to sleep for a couple hours and when we got up it was still coming down. 

After eating some lunch the rain had let up a little and we wanted to at least check out the beach so we hopped on the magic flying chair and headed over. We got so lucky that the sun came out so we rented some beach chairs and water floats and went and enjoyed playing in the ocean.

After we splashed around we just relaxed and hung out in the shade of the trees and looked around. I finished reading Catching Fire by the end of the day. 

We got back to the boat just before it started to rain again and got ready for dinner. Turned out that we missed the show during our dinner so we decided to just go back to our room and watch a movie and watched Horton Hears a Who and Alan could not stop cracking up. After the movie it was time for the Mexican Fiesta but it wasn't all that great. Luckily we went in our jammies and now its time to get some sleep before Costa Maya tomorrow. We are hoping we can get on the mini boat excursion and have our fingers crossed but right now it is sold out so pray that someone doesn't show up so we get go instead! 

So heres to the weather permitting a great afternoon on a beautiful beach, to Catching Fire capturing my imagination, to fiestas in jammies and Alans endearing laugh. Thankful for today.   

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We are such lazy bums. We had our alarms set this morning and hit snooze one too many times since we stayed up way to late watching movies and reading. We didn't roll out of bed until noon. We were able to be out until 5:30 so we really should have tendered over but there isn't much to today at the port without doing an excursion. 

We decided to hang out by the pool again and rest up for Honduras tomorrow. We are DEFINITELY getting off the boat tomorrow though. We want to go to the beach since we did the monkeys last time so that should be really fun. 

This picture pretty much sums up the day. I was able to read almost all of the Catching Fire and now I am super pumped to see the movie. I forgot how much I love to read. It was nice to just hang out and explore the boat. We did a few of the activities on the boat today and just hung out and had a good time. Ate lots of food and took a nap. 

After dinner we went to the show and it was a dance show and it was honestly the best show I have ever watched on a cruise. The dancers were incredible and some of the things they did were awesome. They even had a trampoline on stage. 

Tomorrow we will be in Roatan and after a few days of relaxing we are ready to get off the boat and have a blast. 

So heres to hitting snooze, to a good book, to naps, to hanging out with my hubs, and to a great dance show. Thankful for today.  

Monday, February 18, 2013


Since I was still feeling pretty lousy and because we had seen most all there is to see in Cozumel we decided to take advantage of a nearly vacant boat and use today to just relax. We slept in and then went and got some lunch and hung out in Serenity all day. I read the end of Hunger Games (I was inspired to finish after watching the movie) which was quite a feat since I had only read the first 6 chapters. 

Alan got fried in the hot tub so hopefully that wont put a damper on our trip but we really had a good time today just taking it easy. We even took a little cat nap before dinner. It was lovely. Dinner as always was delicious and it was elegant night so I got to wear my sequin skirt! I got a lot of compliments on it too so that was super fun. Our awesome server made us some love birds out of napkins which we thought were so cute we took them back to our room. 


After dinner we went to the show and it was really good. I love that the entertainment is different on the different boats. Then we made a pizza and ice cream run and settled in for snuggles and movie. Tomorrow we will be in Belize which is so beautiful so hopefully we can figure out something to do. 

So heres to sleeping in, to a relaxing day pool side, to sunburns to show we had a fun day in the sun, to finishing a good book, to elegant night with a homemade skirt and to late night snacks. Thankful for today.  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sea Sick

During our day at sea today it was really choppy and I got violently sea sick. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not throw up. I got food poisoning and didn't throw up. Well today I did. It sucked and so we spent almost the whole day laying in bed. I couldn't get myself to really eat and when I did I lost my lunch to the sea sickness. It didn't affect Alans appetite though....


Alan ended up buying me the oil you put behind our ears and it seemed to really help. We spent the day watching the movies on TV. Luckily they were pretty decent. After watching Hunger Games and Mirror Mirror along with a few random shows when we channel surfed it was time for dinner. Luckily, I was feeling a lot better and was able to get some dinner down. 

We skipped the show because I still wasn't feeling too great and we wanted to get some rest before Cozumel tomorrow. Still haven't decided if we are going to do an excursion since we have already done nearly all of them on previous trips. Guess we will see what tomorrow brings! 

So heres to overcoming sea sickness, to snuggling up to movies all day, to my hubby taking good care of me and to being able to eat. Thankful for today.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Red eye

The flight was miserable. I was still getting over the end of a cold so I was really congested and for some reason it makes it a million times worse on a flight. I was pouring snot of my nose and could not breathe. This went on throughout the entire night. The poor people sitting around me were probably wanting to punch me in the face for blowing my nose non stop. I don't blame them I wanted to punch myself in the face. 

Our flight from Charlotte into Orlando was delayed. First we had to de ice which made our departure 40 minutes behind and then we fought a head wind the entire flight putting us back another hour and a half. So when we thought we were going to have to wait a couple hours for the bus at 10:30 since our flight was supposed to get in at 8:30 we were sadly mistaken

Our flight landed at 10:35 and we knew we only had one shot to get to the bus cause if it left without us it meant we would have to find our own way and it was $50 to get a ride to the boat. We went rushing through the airport trying to figure out where to go and ended up going the wrong way and made a very long detour. Luckily everyone else was coming from the same place and the bus was delayed so we were able to get on

As soon as we got on the boat I was ready to take a long nap but I knew we had to do the drill so we just ate and hung out until after the drill and then went to bed until dinner. It was so nice to just sleep peacefully. 

Dinner was delicious and our servers are great. We went to the welcome aboard show and the ship is just incredible. Its by far the best boat we have been on to date. We are so excited for this week its a long needed escape from reality and I missed Alan so much last week it will be great to just spend some quality time together. 

So heres to surviving a red eye, to barely making the bus, to a heavenly nap, to a sweet ship we get to enjoy all week and to VACATION! Thankful for today.     

Friday, February 15, 2013

Freak out Friday

Today was a whirlwind. From the moment I woke up I have been going non stop. I had mounds of assignments to finish before we leave tonight on our red eye and only so many hours in the day to complete it. I hardly had the time to even shower or eat. 

After countless hours of homework I had to hurry and shower and get ready for a dance performance I needed to go to for my elementary dance class. It was put on by Danceworks at BYU. It was seriously the cutest thing ever and I am so glad we had the opportunity to go. 

Getting there was so stressful though. I didn't have time to complete a few pretty big assignments that I wasn't going to be able to turn in late and wasnt going to have the opportunity to do at layovers we had because I didn't have the software on my ipad to watch some of the videos. By the time we got to the performance I was already stressed out of my brains and exhausted from staring at the screen all day and cramming for tests that I was at my wits end. I was ready to just get through the dance performance and get on with our vacation. 

I knew we had a long night of flying ahead of us so when we got up to the ticket counter a few minutes past the start of the show and they said they needed cash I lost it. Who carries cash around anymore? Well we didn't have any so we had to go back out and walk the 10 minutes to our car and then run to the bank and come back. I got way too emotional and stressed and starting tearing up because I knew we would be missing a good chunk of the show but Alan held it together for me and we made it with only miss a few of the numbers. 

I am so glad we went because we had a blast and it all worked out. After the performance we had to run straight home and throw everything into a bag (needless to say I did not pack very well) and then run over to get Lindsay so he could drive us to the airport. 

I WAS EXHAUSTED. When we got through security and to our gate I welcomed netflix with open arms and dove into my Vampire Diaries world flushing out the rest of the day. Now its time to board our flight. Its going to be a long night and the weather is horrible so pray for us!

So heres to getting ALMOST everything done, to a darling dance performance, to Vampire Diaries and to a red eye flight flying us to freedom. Thankful for today.      


Alan and I are about to head to SLC to jump on our flight to Orlando for our cruise. We are really excited. I will not have internet access for a week BUT I still need to make sure I am "blogging" so I am going to write it down and then I will post it when I get home. It counts right? I think so. 

Today all I did was homework ALL day long to try and make sure I don't get too behind or flunk any of my classes. We just got back from a dance performance at BYU and it was the most adorable thing I have ever seen. 

I am going to miss my pups so much but they will be in good hands as will the house. 

So here's to heavy homework, to red eye flights and to warm weather! See you guys in a week! Thankful for today.

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