Friday, October 17, 2014

Bringing Blogging Back

Lately I have been hearing myself annoy the pants off my husband and have been continually telling him I just need to talk to my friends more about the things I pester him with. Thats everything from fashion, self improvement, faith, work, hobbies and anything else I have on my mind. Well, I thought if my husband who loves me more than anyone else is tired of listening to me I couldn't possibly bother my friends with my senseless babble. So I decided to bring back the blog! That way when you get sick of me you can stop reading and I am none the wiser! So here goes...

Today being fall break put a little crinkle in my normal "routine" which isn't as solid as it should be to begin with. I woke up and spent way too much time thinking about what I should do instead of just doing it. Don't you hate that? There are so many productive things I very well COULD have done: hot yoga, clean my house, go to my meeting, walk my dogs...heck, even shower! Did I do any of those things? Not really. But I did listen to my body and it told me at about 4:30 that I needed a nap! 
So that is what I did and its because of that I am sitting here typing on a blog I haven't touched in over a year! 

Here is what you can expect from me, I will try to just blog when I feel I have something interesting to say but I think that is open for interpretation so read at your own risk! 

So what do I want to share? MY NEW HAIR! 

Does anyone else feel like a new person when they get their haircut?  I sure do! Now I feel extra motivated to get rid of some stubborn belly fat (and a little fat all over, especially the new chin or two I have developed recently...) and to wear some of the cute things in my closet I haven't in a while! 

Like this gem^

Makes me feel like a new woman! Gotta just roll with it so now I am determined to get in shape to look amazing in HAWAII in a few weeks! 

Who has some awesome workouts or meal plans they love and have worked for them? I need to step away from the donuts to get rid of my muffin top!
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