Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bye Brother Whitaker

Today was the last Sunday Alan and I will be teaching together till after the summer (assuming our ward doesnt split) and it was sad to watch how bummed our kids were that he was leaving. It made it more real that I was losing him this week. I do not want that to become a reality. How will I deal with it??? 

After church we went over to Alans parents for his birthday dinner and hung out and then went over to my moms to visit. It is weird with Chad not being there. Overall today was just like every other Sunday but it is just so hard to imagine Alan leaving. 

So heres to my last Sunday team teaching with my hubby, to missing Chad and to pretending that my hubs is not leaving me this week. Thankful for today.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dirty Thirty

I woke up later today then I should have. There was still a lot to get done for Alans party but I was soooo tired. I was able to accomplish everything I needed to but don't feel like it turned out as great as it could have. Guests started arriving right at 1 and we got the burgers grilling. It was a really fun party. Very relaxed and laid back and stuffed with lots of unhealthy food. My kind of party. 

We really have great friends that love us and it was so great to have Alan feel loved and cared for today. After the party I went and hung out with Dee at Hobby Lobby while Alan ventured to Dicks. When I got home I had some homework to do and managed to get the majority of it in on time. Afterwards it was time for bed so that we could be up for church in the morning. Bryson was having a hard time so I took him on an adventure to see the stars in the car and he fell right asleep. 

So heres to 10 pounds of hamburgers, to yummy treats, to Alans dirty 30, to shopping with LaDasha and to star gazing slumbers. Thankful for today.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pedis and PJs

Today Alan played in a golf tournament in Syracuse. That meant that we had to be up at 5 in the morning to get showered and off to the course. By the end of the drive I got extremely car sick. McDonalds breakfast fixed that right up! Yum. For some reason I had been craving it recently so it was nice to be up at that time and get my fix. 

It was FREEZING the entire morning but even though the weather was miserable I had so much fun watching Alan play. He is such a stud. I also got to drive the golf cart for half the holes which was super fun. On the way home from the tournament I was so exhausted that I slept the entire way. My face was fried by the time I got home. 

I had to hurry and try and slap a face on and give the last minute refreshments together before Kaylis guests started arriving. The party was super fun. I think everyone enjoyed it and afterwards I got to hang out with Kayli and Vicki for a bit. It was fun until Vickis battery died. I just had to organize what I needed to get done before Alans party before bed and then to dream land I went. 

So heres to 45 minutes of sleep, to a car nap, to McDonalds breakfast, to Alan and his golf, to driving the cart and to a Pedi and PJ party. Thankful for today.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I didn't have dance today so originally Vicki and I were going to go to lunch at smashburger. She had to babysit so I recruited my hubs to go with me. During lunch he showed me the most disturbing article about beggars and their babies and why they always sleep. As I am in the middle of smashburger I am about to burst into tears and so he decided to show me a video about how different animals eat their food. If you haven't seen the video you need to.

After lunch I had to run to class to make sure I got a good seat in my exceptional students class to hear the guest speaker. It was a deaf student and it was so motivational. I really admire his strength and determination to overcome hard things and have such an optimistic and positive attitude. I have also wanted to learn sign language and today makes me mad at myself that I haven't done so yet. 

I had a test in nutrition so once I finished I went straight home to start getting my party for Kayli ready and realized I didn't have any chairs so Alan and I hopped in the car and went to ikea. We found an awesome deal on the chairs and bought what we needed for my classes and for his bday BBQ on Saturday. Makes me even more excited. 

Unfortunately I missed math which isn't good. I really need to make sure that I am there to soak in what I need and be able to pass that class. Makes me nervous. I still have to retake a test. We ended up eating at chipotle and running a few errands before we headed back to Orem. Sometimes these random little trips are my favorite. I love Chipotle because it was one of the places we ate when we were engaged and going through a book of questions that helped us plan our lives together! Such a fond memory. 

When we got home and I was unwrapping the chairs and finishing setting up Dee called me and let me know that she got her first recruit! I could not be more proud!!! SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR HER! Can't wait to meet Trisha either. Really am so proud of her and it just reaffirms what a great opportunity Mary Kay really is! Love it!

So heres to smashburger with the hubs, to a random youtube lifting my spirits, to ASL, to deaf gain, to new chairs, to DeeAnns new team member, to prepping for a party and to remembering fond memories. Thankful for today.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Balloon Blast

This afternoon I went over to Vickis house to watch Life of Pi. I really liked the movie. I also got a call from my step mom Becky with some interesting news that really got my head spinning. After I left Vickis I had to drop off some reminder cards to the girls that were invited to Kaylis PJ and Pedi party on Friday. 

My goals with Mary Kay are big. I know myself and I know where I feel I am helping others and that is when I have a strong team. I really want to be able to submit my form to be a director in qualification by the 1st of next month so in order to do that I need to get 10 personal recruits. 

DeeAnn came over early to mess with some of the makeup and see if she could find something that she liked and the results were awesome. She looked flawless and just in time to get down to Sandy. I had to go to my unit meeting so I gave the girls my car and Dee and Kayli went to the mall while I was at motivational. It was amazing and made me so excited to be working for this company. I cannot wait for SEMINAR.

Tonight was the balloon blast. I had never been to one but heard great things about them and you get to pop balloons full of cash and they feed you. Tammy the National of my area was the speaker tonight and she was so moving. At the end of the night DeeAnn signed and Kayli and my mom want to! This is such an amazing opportunity and I am so grateful that I stumbled upon it and that I can help other woman find their start to something beautiful. 

Dee and I ended up staying up waaaaaay too late chatting and our hubbies went to bed so we just goofed off till after 2 in the morning. I love that girl. 

So heres to afternoon movies, to fried chicken, to motivational evenings, to reaching for my dreams, to DeeAnn starting her own business and to delirious Dee that I have missed so much and love so dearly. Thankful for today.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gas leak and Alaska

After our Wendover weekend trip I had no desire whatsoever to go back to school. It took everything I had to get myself to class. Dance went great and then in exceptional students we were in the middle of a group activity when a woman walked in and said that we needed to exit the building. She stated that there was a gas leak and when we filed outside in the cold we say policemen and firetrucks and an ambulance pull up. 

They were checking the building for some time and since class was almost over Vicki and I decided to escape the cold and go and get some lunch. We even got to run into Alan for a minute before we had to go back to school. Turns out there wasn't a gas leak it was just something up with that girl that came into our class freaking out.

Once nutrition class was over I picked up Alan and we went straight over to my moms to see my brother off. He decided to move to Alaska and get a fresh start there so I skipped math to say my goodbyes. It was really hard to see him go. I feel like I have been losing everyone lately. I really hope that he is able to do well there and I am so proud of him for getting his GED! I just want what is best for him. 

I have been so exhausted lately. So much to do tomorrow and just wish there were more hours in the day and days in the week and weeks in the month and months in the year. 

So heres to spontaneous lunch dates, to fake gas leaks, to Chandlers fresh start and safe journey. Thankful for today.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Heading home

Our weekend rendezvous was very short lived. We woke up this morning to housekeeping waking us up an hour and a half before we had to check out. We were not expecting that. Once we got on our way it was raining pretty hard. Our drive home was slightly dangerous but we made it to Salt Lake and ate some lunch at blue lemon. 

After lunch we headed home to relieve Kayli of her doggie duties since she stayed with our boys for the night. After some chatting she left and we just hung out and then I had some studying to do for a test in Nutrition and a folder to put together for dance. 

By the time I finished I was exhausted so off to bed I went. 

So heres to surviving the drive, to the smell after it rains, to Kayli taking good care of our boys, to blue lemon lunch and to the semester ALMOST being over. Thankful for today.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


With Alan leaving and us both living such busy lives we really don't get to run away too often. I am sure some of you are thinking that I am full of it since we went on 3 cruises in a span of 3 months but I am serious. Since then we haven't had the opportunity to have much alone time at all. We wanted to get away for a bit before he left to sell. 

We decided to make a date weekend of it and instead of going to Vegas we opted for Wendover. We started our date after conference by going up to SLC and eating at Ruths Chris. Dang that place is delicious. We had never eaten there but had some gift certificates we got to use. It was so fun and we got to celebrate both of our birthdays. 

After dinner we headed to Wendover to check into our mini suite. We stayed Peppermill and it was a blast. We didn't do too much but Alan did manage to win $45 and we stayed in an awesome room for a great deal. We should have done that more often. It was so nice to just get away and be with each other for a night without distractions. I love that man and I am going to miss him so much this summer!

So heres to delicious dinner dates, to runaway weekends to Wendover, to mini suites, to giant jacuzzi tubs and to time with my hubby. Thankful for today.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Business Debut

I stayed up later then I should setting up for my debut but I was just so excited. I am also a perfectionist so I kept changing things over and over until I felt it was just right. This morning I finished whipping up some delicious snacks and then my guests started arriving. A huge shout out to those that came and supported me for the opening of my new business despite my oversight that many would have scheduling conflicts with conference going on at the same time. 

It was really fun to be able to cut my ribbon and unveil my inventory and let everyone play with all the makeup.

I had a number of stations set up everything from facials, pedicures and manicures. They were able to try anything and everything their hearts desired. It was truly a blast. Since I did not get great sleep I am pretty tired by the end of the open house. We planned a girls night because we figured many couldn't make it to the open house but would be able to come play afterwards. 

At the girls night we just ordered pizza and goofed around. Told jokes that made us nearly wet our pants and then as the evening wound down we went to bed. 

So heres to those that love and support me, to a successful business debut, to owning my own business, to lots of fun, to creative outlets, to great friends and wonderful company. Thankful for today.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Frantic Friday

With my debut being tomorrow I had so much to do and so little time to do it. This is what I get for procrastinating the bulk of what I needed done. This morning I had to be at a meeting for something else for 2 hours at 8:30. I am not used to waking up that early! After the meeting I headed to a few stores to pick up some last minute items as I did all of the grocery shopping late last night. 

Once I finished I came home and started trying to organize my set up and make sure I didn't forget anything.By the time I got through unpacking everything it was time to meet up with my dear friend Ashley. I got to meet her darling 1 1/2 week old son Austin Ryan. He is the cutest little boy ever and so tiny. It didn't help my baby hunger thats for sure. 

Lunch was just lovely and she had a photo shoot for Austins newborns so we said our goodbyes and I came home to get cracking on set up. I thought I would do it by myself since Alan was watching tv and doing some other things on his own and I tried to move the ping pong table...bad idea! It collapsed on top of me and I was mashed in the middle of it underneath many lbs of heavy wood and metal. Needless to say I was stuck. It hit me so hard I am surprised it didn't knock me unconcious. I started yelling for Alan and crying and he couldn't hear me up stairs. I managed to reach one of my arms to the wall and started banging but it was no use. After being stuck under the table unable to move for 20 minutes he finally heard me and came running to the rescue. 

I think I messed up my arm and shoulder and I popped some blood vessels and am getting a black eye. Lovely. That's going to make it fun to promote beauty and makeup to women. Ha. I didn't let getting smashed stop me and Alan had to go golf with his dad so I just got straight to work. I think everything turned out so cute. My mom was so sweet and came and helped me perfect everything. I am so excited!

It looked even better then the pictures because this was before I finished. So excited for tomorrow. Just pray there is a good turn out since I scheduled it on the same day and time as conference! I am such a basketcase sometimes!

So heres to the ping pong 1 me 0, to lunch with the lovely Ashley and her handsome little man, to getting ready for my big debut and to praying tomorrow goes off without a hitch! Thankful for today!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tornado Thursday

I feel like the last few weeks I have been going a million miles a minute with everything that has been going on in my life. To make it even more fun its the end of the semester so I am stressed out of my brains. The only things that hold me together are the few fun moments I get during the week and this afternoon was one of them. My second class was cancelled which was joyous and it meant that Vicki and I got to go to lunch! She brought her darling daughter Kirsten and we went to smashburger. 

I had never been there and it was so good! I don't know how I still enjoyed a burger after yesterday but it was amazing and it was so fun to spend time with those girls. It gave me the boost I needed to make it through the rest of the day. I did great until the second half of math. We were learning matrices and when he said it wasnt something we would be using on the test...I was out of there. 

Honestly, I was just really excited to get back to planning and preparing for my debut Saturday which I am soooooo excited for. I got the rest of the details squared away and the dessert plans and then when I talked to Dee I got some bad news! I planned it on CONFERENCE WEEKEND! I do not know how I did not realize that until she said it. That is how much of a blur the last few weeks have been. 

I am super stressed now and hoping I will still have a good turn out because I am so excited to start my business and I want everyone to see how different I am trying to make this! Cross your fingers for me! 

I decided to do a girls night out for when my husband abandons me to go to priesthood and hopefully some girls will come and hang out with me. Just got to pray it all works out. I picked up all the stuff for the food and now I am super anxious to get that all put together and get everything set up tomorrow!

So heres to fun lunch dates, to a second round of burgers, to STARTING MY OWN BUSINESS, to my debut coming up and to being a basketcase and somehow still smiling! Thankful for today.   

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This morning when I woke up I was planning on meeting up with Kayli to go to brunch or lunch for her birthday! Its so fun having our birthdays touch. That just proves we were meant to be besties. Anyhow, my inventory came at 10:30 and I was soooooo excited. I spent the next few hours spreading out all my goodies and admiring all of it. Then Alan forced me to start putting it away so I organized it and he helped me take it downstairs. I have some pictures of the event but I will not torture you with all the great stuff I got but you can use your imagination as to whats inside! Or come to my open house on Saturday!

Photo: It's here!!!!


After I got that all squared away I ended up meeting up with Kayli for lunch. She wanted Texas Roadhouse but it didn't open till 4 so we decided to try to go to Outback and they weren't open till 4 either. Since our dreams of a juicy steak were smashed we settled for a juicy burger and ventured over to Five Guys. I love that girl we just sat and shoved our faces full of greasy burgers and chatted for hours till I had to leave to go to my meeting. 

Nicole rode up to the meeting with me so I didn't have to drive up to Sandy alone which was nice. After the meeting I decided to stay and watch a facial class and after I got what I needed we headed home. MY FRIENDS ARE SO SNEAKY! This is what I came home too!


I really feel like the luckiest and move love woman alive and I am so glad I got to share the night and celebrate my birthday with Kayli on hers (although she should not have been serving others on her day of birth!) it was SUCH a great night. 

So heres to birthday brunches that turn to greasy lunches, to amazing friends and family and to the BEST surprise birthday party ever. Thankful for today!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

1/4 of a century

I cannot believe I am 25 years old. Its sort of depressing. Luckily not too many people rubbed it in today. Alan had intentions to do a big breakfast but luckily slept in. School really sucked the life out of me today it was a struggle to get through the day. I decided to leave my math class early to catch a movie with my brother Lindsay and my hubs. We watched Warm Bodies which I thought was actually really cute and surprisingly funny. 

I just feel so blessed. I have so many people in my life that love and care for me despite my many shortcomings. I am so thankful that I am constantly given opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences and get to be surrounded by so many amazing individuals. Today I just feel so blessed to have lived 25 wonderful years and I am looking forward to the next 25 (although I really hope that they don't come too fast) and what it will bring. 

So heres to being alive for 25, to movie night out and to being overwhelmed with gratitude. Thankful for today. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Day

I really wanted to prank Alan today so I tried to saran wrap the toilet seat. I had to pee so bad this morning but held it till he finally went to use the bathroom as I pretended to sleep. I failed. He somehow saw it or figured it out. He said it was too shiny! Gosh dangit! I almost forgot and fooled myself. Thats how slow I am.

So with my fooling not fooling anyone I dropped that idea and we planned out our day. Alan wanted to go to do something since I will be in school all day tomorrow on my birthday but then he got an invite to play golf. Guess what took precedence? GOLF! So I stayed home and cleaned and caught up on some homework. Let me just say I cannot wait for this semester to end because all I have been doing since this afternoon is homework. 

Alan felt bad for me having to stay home and him getting to run off with buddies so he decided to take me and my mom out to dinner for my birthday at Texas Roadhouse. It was delicious. I was also happy to finally hear from Kayli whom I thought died since I couldn't get a hold of her due to a spontaneous last minute trip to St George where she has no service and told no one she was going on! Scared me to death. 

Now its back to math so I can hopefully get some sleep tonight before tomorrow. 

So heres to my hubby hanging with the fellas, to checking boxes, to failed april fools jokes, to Kayli surviving a 4 wheeling accident and to counting down the days till this semester is over! Thankful for today.
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