Sunday, January 4, 2015

Motivated or Mental

Do you ever get in moods where you are super ambitious and think you can conquer the world? I swear I have a few of those episodes daily. My poor husband! Well the latest one today is I really want to adhere to our budget and Alan and I seem to eat out ALL the time because we don't plan or prep and its easy and quite frankly delicious. Unfortunately it is also EXPENSIVE! So in an effort to eat out less I have always wanted to do the frozen crockpot meals. Then it gives me an appearance that I slaved for hours and am a good wife without really having to any work! WIN WIN! I just have never had the guts to try and brave it. 

I spent WAAAAAY too much time on pinterest as always and kept trying to find the perfect list of meals (and I am a picky eater) complete with a grocery list and recipes and that obviously didn't happen but I finally settled on 6 freezer meals and have my grocery list in hand and will be going shopping before FHE tomorrow! Wish me luck! 

Then it also got me thinking how cool would it be if for my bridesmaid party everyone brought me their favorite freezer meal! Oh my gosh I would have been the best wife ever! Am I the only one that thinks this would be a good idea? 

I need your help...comment below or shoot me an email ( with your favorite crock pot meal/recipe! My husband and I (especially our bellies)thank you! 


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